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Understand how a charge classification impacts your life

When you are charged with a crime, one of the first things you might want to know is what kind of sentence you are facing. The answer to this depends on a variety of factors. However, there are some general guidelines that might help you to get the answer to this question.

One of the main factors that determines what type of sentence you are going to face is the classification of the charge. Understanding a few basic points about these classifications can help you as you are facing criminal charges.

Field sobriety tests and your legal rights

Imagine driving home from Friday happy hour when you see red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. A police officer is pulling you over. If the officer suspects that you have been drinking, he might ask you perform a field test. These tasks usually help officers determine if a driver is too intoxicated to drive.

As the officer asks you to step out of the car, you might be wondering if you are legally obligated to take a field sobriety test. A driving under the influence charge (DUI) can come with serious consequences. Knowing your rights before you find yourself in a situation where an officer might charge you with a DUI can help you protect them during the entire process. If you have receive a DUI charge, an attorney in the Indianapolis area can help you fight it. Read further for more information on refusing a field sobriety test.

What happens in Indiana if caught with a tiny bit of marijuana?

From Parkinson's to cancer patients, medical marijuana use is on the rise. You may be considering using it to treat your symptoms, but you're wondering what the consequences are if you get caught.

Does Indiana prosecute heavily if I get caught with a small amount of marijuana? Are there any plans to legalize it? Do the penalties change depending on the amount I have on me?

Why you should never simply accept DUI charges

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly why most people seem to think of DUI charges as "bad, but not really that bad," as if the consequences of a DUI charge are not very serious. Sometimes, it feels as though the public takes the attitude that everybody gets a DUI eventually, it's no big deal.


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